Thursday, July 14, 2011

***Vintage Lace Candle Sleeve***

I am constantly trying to think up ideas to use my vintage lace, this morning as I was washing out my little glass yogurt pots (which I keep and use on the table when eating outside on a night with little tea light candles) and tada came up with a sleeve to cover them using my vintage lace. So I thought I would share them with you as they look really cute and hides the boring glass jar, also creates a lovely glow and ambience.

Your Ingredients

1. 23cm (9")  x 10cm (4")  of lace
2. Three  5cm (2") circles cut from either lace or voile (this will make the flower)
3. A couple of beads or buttons
4. Heavy duty iron-on interfacing 23cm (9") x 7.5cm (3")

I decided a French seam would look better so after ironing on the interfacing fold the lace in half and wrong sides together, stitch a narrow seam.
Now turn inside out so that the interfacing is now facing you, then stitch another narrow line which will hide the first line of stitches and you will be left with a normal seam on the outside and a ridge on the inside. Looks better than an open seam.

showing ridge on inside
Now turn again and it's ready to use or add a few buttons down the seam or a flower I added a lace flower on mine with a little pearl bead.

If you want to make the flower, lay one circle flat and then take another  circle and make a fold so it should look like this (looks a bit like a coffee filter) then repeat the process with the next circle.

Place the two folded circles so that the pointed ends are together and then stitch through all layers, then attatch your bead or button.

Attach to the seamed side and that's it

I am sure I don't have to mention this but don't use these over just a candle as they are sure to go up in a puff of smoke. If  you do make any would love to see them. I am off to make a few more as I think they would make great little presents. Might even add some to my shop :)
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