Saturday, October 6, 2012

Messie Jessie

I have literally just been over to twitter and checking out new followers  and being naturally inquisitive (ok nosey) just had to go see what Messie Jessie was all about. Oh my, I have just spent a glorious time browsing through her beautiful shop where nostalgia and romance just leaps out at you.

Based on the small Island of Anglesey, Sue's love of textiles, illustration and craft  lead her to create and open - “Messie Jessie”, taking its name from her eldest daughter, (there must be a story here and maybe Sue will enlighten us) each piece of work is hand crafted and truly original. Sue works with mixed media, favouring collage and assemblage; being somewhat of a magpie her work frequently features found objects, recycled jewellery, beads and fabrics. Here are a few of her beautiful and original items.

A small three dimensional dress inspired by the novel - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The dress is Empire line, stitched together from old book pages (from a book of the novel) and vintage white cotton fabric with an over dress with side fastening made from a beautiful ivory vintage silk. Words from the novel are sewn to the front side of a layer of the dress. Covering the dress is a long very full coat intricately tailored from a very fine pure wool fabric.
The piece has been inspired by the the poem "The Moth" by Walter De la Mare. A moth
has been collaged onto the outside and inside of the box, then distressed it using acrylic, acrylic gel and silver leaf. A small tab of cloth embroidered with "The Moth" is affixed to the front of the box. The inside of the box is made to look as if it's from a time gone by. Embroidered on a piece of pale blue fabric are the words from the poem "A tremble in shimmering grace", whilst at the side of these words is a papier mache moon covered in part with silver leaf .. On the other side of the box hangs the dress which looks as fragile as a moths wings. The box it's self has been collaged with book papers and distressed with acrylic paint.

Limited edition of 25, a print from original art work, The Moth - Walter De La Mare. 
Fine Art Paper "Museum Etching"
A4 (approx. 21cm x 29.7cm)
Weight 350gms (93lbs US)
This print has a lovely weight and texture.
Each print is signed, numbered and dated and shipped in a cello sleeve within a rigid mailer.
Wire and papier mache Sculpture - 28cm wide, 33cm high and 22cm deep.
Clasping her cloak to her to ward off the cool of the night, a young Red Riding Hood strolls confidently through her moonlit forest with her companion by her side.
The figure is made from wire and papier mache, accompanied by the trees and her wolf she rises out of the book from which they are formed. Her hair is made from a soft viscose material which is gathered and ruched, then falls into a long plait. Her dress is 100% cream silk, with three buttons down the side. Flowing behind her, the vibrant red cloak is also 100% silk.
A small three dimensional assemblage comprising a backdrop fashioned from the remnants of the book from which the dress is made. The moonlight streams in and joins the beautiful glow from the shimmering chandeliers that catches the warm gold hi lights of the dress.
The back drop of the book is an atmospheric photo of chandeliers which has been washed over with white and beige acrylic and large areas of gold leaf leaving a subtle contrast of soft blue and gold hues. The bodice of the dress is made from book pages. The skirt is also made from book pages and remnants of vintage fabrics and also a bronze satin. Adorning the dress are vintage pearls around the waist and also a delicate metal fan which will be needed after all the dancing from the ball.

Inspired by the following quote from Shakespeare's play -Timon of Athens .

"The moon is an arrant thief, 
And her pale fire she snatches from the sun"
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