Friday, October 12, 2012

Well Hello Doilies

My mother had doilies here, there and well everywhere she could find a place to put them and we all loved them, then I guess they just stopped being fashionable which is a shame. Unfortunately for me  I never quite managed to conquer crochet and always ended up with a tangled mess. So I can and do admire the intricate patterns that are to be found. Today you can go into junk shops and find them thrown into an old box left there until they are saved by someone who thinks "now what can I do with this". The other day I found two beige doilies which I thought were just beautifully worked. It was then that I put in on my arm and thought this with a few beads would make a gorgeous cuff. I added three pearl beads for the closure. This then made me want to see what others have done with their doilies and well as you can see below some really clever uses. I think that a few more doilies will be saved and put to good use. Have you saved any doilies  lately and what did you make?

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