Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Domaine Sarrabelle One Of My Favourite Wines oh Yum!

 I had to pop down to the vineyard today to pick up a few cases of their delicious Syrah and had a fabulous bottle of Mauzac thrown in! Now how cool is that but not uncommon here in France to be offered a cadeau. Fabien & Laurent are two very hard working lads and produce a wine of excellent quality, how lucky for me that it is only a 15 min drive from my house!! 

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Syrah............ Syrah 2007 (Oak Aged)

The grapes are first crushed and the wine making process is traditional with fermentation from 10/12 days. The wine is then aged for 12 months in oak barrels, crafted by various coopers.

With complex aromas and a beautiful colour, this well-structured wine has soft tannins and a wonderfully long finish. This wine needs to be decanted at room temperature.

Eighth generation of wine growers since 1795
 The Mythical expression of a terroir

Legend has it that the source of Sarrabelle , which springs up near the medieval Montaigut castle, was the place of « rendezvous » with the beautiful Yolande. Its name comes from an old Occitan expression  "sarrobello" which means to embrace one’s love.

Fabien and Laurent Caussé in front of their vineyard:
From the castle’s destruction during the crusade against the Albigeois,
only the foundations remained, upon which the Montaigut chapel was built . Today, Laurent and Fabien Caussé  gave the name of this source to their wines.

They produce top-of-the-line wines such as the vintage Saint André and Mauzac de Sarrabelle. Permanent research, in keeping with agricultural tradition has led to the development of a sweet white wine ( in limited production) sought after and served in the finest gourmet restaurants .

Harvest of the Mauzac.
 Tradition, innovation and quality are the Caussé brothers trademark.

Surface: 39 hectares

The Sarrabelle Estate benefits from the influences of three weather systems:

1.Atlantic: mild and temperate conditions, which encourage the growth of the wines.
2.Continental: fresh northeasterly breezes in spring being a major contributor to the success of its white wines.
3.Mediterranean: warm summers and the hot winds of the Vent d’Autan bringing the grapes to maturity.

The vineyard is located on the right bank of the River Tarn, where the molassic hills are characterised by chalk, sand, and sandstone, perfect for the production of the highest quality white and red wines.

The wine cellar at
Lisle sur Tarn

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