Monday, April 25, 2011

*****If Buckles Could Blush*****

I was sitting at my desk surrounded by all my buttons and other bits and bobs, as I reached out to pick up my tweezers I knocked a box of buckles over and a blue one landed on my lap and begged me do something with her. What would you like to be?  of course buckles don't speak (well mine don't) but they are very good at planting ideas, so after laying her to one side I then started to imagine colours that would go with the blue, it took me 3 weeks to find all that I needed and here she is what do you think of her?

The first piece I added was a vintage earring with silver grey beads, black & silver striped beads and a silver filigree bead in the centre. Much searching went on and then I remembered a friend had given me a few silver toggle buttons with cute little flowers so that was next. Hmm, so far so good but now what! None of the blue buttons I have worked on her, then my little eye fell onto a diamante belt and so cut a length of and swept it over the centre of the buckle. Next came the vintage white glass button but it looked bored sitting there on it's own so, a little bit of chain and the end of the belt added.

Nearly done but still had to find something for under the toggle button ah ha! two shell flower buttons did the trick and a length of rosary beads and a little pearl popped in the middle. Then I found the key and that was the last piece. For the back I covered it with some baby blue silk and then added a bail and well now what do I call her?

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