Friday, April 15, 2011

Monograms From Days Gone By

One of the oldest forms of identification in the world, and is still widely recognized and used today? The Monogram.

A monogram is a symbol that is created out of letters. This is deemed as a very personal item as the monograms are usually the initials of the person who owns the item.

I love them and I only ever succeeded to do one successful monogram and it took me roughly about 17 hours as I unpicked, redid, unpicked again till my fingers screamed at me to stop. I fully intend to do another but have no idea when and hope my eyes last out long enough to create another. A professional could have done it in half the time I am sure.

Today’s technology allows you to create monograms on a machine but for me,  although very clever  it doesn’t sit right with me, although a friend of mine has created some beautiful pieces so perhaps I have the wrong attidute. I guess I am a romantic and when I think of the young victorian girls sitting for hours creating works of art that we can still enjoy today and for many years to come I hope. Plus, I want to say I did that! and not my machine ( anyway I don’t have one and probably never will)

So when I see vintage monogrammed sheets at vide greniers and brocantes, and I can afford them I have to have. Thought I would let you see just  a few of mine. !

The book above has some fabulous examples and shows you all the stitches so perhaps before my dotage I will get down to trying again.

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