Monday, April 4, 2011

Chateau Dumas Workshop Winner Announced for 2011

Delighted to announce that the winner for the Chateau Dumas Workshop giveaway 2011 is Louise Giordano. She will be joining us in the Festive French Country Workshop.
Congratulations Louise and really look forward to meeting you at the Chateau.  Here is a taste of what's in store for Louise.


with Anna Corba and Ros Badger

9-16 OCTOBER 2011

From gorgeous handmade presents to original designs for tree and home decorations, this rewarding and well-planned week of joyful creativity is the ultimate Christmas holiday workshop led by British textile expert Ros Badger ( and US paper artist Anna Corba ( both authors of successful books.

Drawing on Anna’s expertise in crafting with paper and Ros’ skill with textiles and found objects, you’ll be inspired during this innovative workshop to make a variety of unique pieces to keep or give to friends and family. You’ll discover the unexpected value of ordinary objects and how easily they can be turned into desirable pieces, and how scraps of vintage textiles and notions can be upcycled in new and interesting ways.

Projects lined up for this madly creative week include journals, notebooks, tags, garlands, cards and keepsakes made from vintage and new paper which is enhanced and embellished through tea-staining, collage and beeswax glazes. The fabric-based activities will range from fabulous Christmas stockings, advent calendars, bags of all kinds and charming gift ideas from pincushions to tea cosies and more.

Handmade gifts for friends and family (and original ideas for wrapping and presenting them), tree and home decorations and delicious recipes for holiday entertaining are all part of the week. Patterns, templates and instructions guide you at every stage, helping you to progress quickly through your projects with Ros, Anna or one of the assistants always on hand. There’s even a recipe book for you to take away with you with festive drinks and scrumptious snacks from around the world.

Sessions take place in the large, well-equipped studio which is stocked with a full range of materials, many of which are included in the cost of the workshop. There is an assortment of tools and equipment from sewing machines and irons to and eyelet tools and glue guns for your use. Additional materials are available to buy and some of the creative projects will cost extra.

No special expertise or experience is necessary to take part in this workshop.

The Essentials

The price of 1450Euros (non-participating partners: 950 Euros) includes .

•7 nights Chateau accommodation and all meals

•5 days of tuition for 7 hours a day

•Transport to the market and hat factories

•Basic materials and use of equipment

•Some creative projects will cost extra

The workshop will run with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 participants

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