Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love's Old Sweet Song

As I was searching through  my old boxes looking for a poem that my niece sent to me a few years ago, I somehow managed to get completely sidetracked "again" by my old postcards. I love reading them and before I know it I am surrounded in birthday greetings, good wishes and see you soon cards from 1904 onwards.

From a postcard dated 24/05/05

Even to-day we hear love's song of yore,
Deep in our hearts it dwells for ever more:
Footsteps may falter,weary grow the way.
Still we can hear it at the close of the day.
So till the end, when life's dim shadow fall,
Love will be found the sweetest song of all.
Dear Louie, How are you getting on, did not see much of you yesday. hope you enjoyed yourself. where be to this morning.

This one is Corporation Street, Birmingham, England, dated March 19th 1904. The back of the card  says: "How should you like to live here rather busy don't you think." I wonder what they would make of it today then? 

This one is sent by Poll to her sister Fan for her birthday July 13th 1913

Dear Fan,
Just a card to wish you every happiness, how old are you is it 21 or 22. Make haste & write. I intended sending you some roses, but the cold have kept them back,they are not out yet. Poll

Hang on Poll it's July and the colds holding them back!!

This is a favourite of mine and is dated Feb 1901 no message on the back just the address. "Sorry I could not come along tonight. This is the one you liked."

I have no idea of how many pin up girls I have but here are three and all from 1905. We have Miss Gertie Millar in her stunning dress and with a waist to die for. Followed by Marie Studholme looking very angelic indeed and lastly Miss Phyllis Dare sporting a rather fetching headress!

Well that was a pleasant little interlude but if you will excuse me I am off to see if I can find that poem. Let me know if you would like to see  more of my old postcards and I will look some out another day.

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