Thursday, October 20, 2011

Around the World Story

I thought that it might be a bit of fun to ask you my lovely readers to add a short paragraph to mine and see if we can make up a story together and see where it goes ( if anywhere)!! without you it's just a paragraph, so if you feel like adding your pennies worth lets see what we get. I know a lot of you write great blog posts!!! so this should be easy.  You can add whatever  you like! ( I will have to remove spammers they generally try to spoil things, so don't waste your time I am watching you)
 So, here is it is and now it's your turn. Thanks in advance and if nobody plays I have a delete button:) 

The ice was tossed into the glass, the lemon already in place, the impact on the lemon caused the ice to splinter and crack, then the splendid measure of gin began its decent cascading over the ice and reminded her of  a firework party a few years back.  As she sauntered  drink in hand over towards.....
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