Saturday, October 29, 2011

****Jewelry versus Jewellery****

I was tweaking a listing yesterday, relisisted said item and went on the hunt to find it! after several attempts I almost gave up and then I saw why I could not find it. Before Etsy I spelt Jewellery not Jewelry as the American's do but then I went with the flow as most American's would search for Jewelry when shopping. So, going back to my listing and  the reason my item was not showing became apparent. For some reason I had spelt Jewelery and not Jewelry! Confusing well it gets worse.

Doing a search on Etsy using various spellings, here's what I found:

1. Jewelry  (Items listed 2,649,600)...... Correct spelling American

2. Jewellery (Items listed 62,806)......... Correct spelling English

3. Jewelery (items listed 9,030) such word

4. Jewellry (items listed 4,483) such word

13,513 items found listed for number 3 and 4 spellings does this mean they are losing out in the searches? and if so the challenge is how to inform them that they need to amend their listings. I have noticed that some sellers have added both the English and American spellings, some with correct spelling of both which is probably a good idea and one I had not thought off.
The most commonly used variations of this noun, meaning precious items of personal decoration, are jewellery and jewelry. The correct spelling in both Australian and British English is jewellery. In American English, the correct spelling is jewelry. Canadian English, on the other hand, uses both variations, with the most popular being jewellery.

This post may help a few but I for one don't fancy sending out 13,000+ emails and getting muted for my efforts. So go check your spelling  and will be interesting to see the results. Think I might go and have a quick look at my own.
Have a great weekend
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