Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Feet Went to Heaven

Imagine yourself lying on a long, large white soft cushion which not only massages your neck, back and hips but takes you for a magical tour through an enchanted forest. The sounds of an invisible waterfall cascades softly over moss and occasionally emits a soft and gentle gurgle, exotic birds sing in the far distance, hold your breath amd you can hear them better and just for a moment or two you are flying with them.

By this stage my right foot had just been treated to the most amazing 30 minutes experience ever! A Thai massage with a mixture of Camphor and green tea oils massaged into my foot, then wrapped in towels and a sensation of coolness and well being takes hold instantly. The rest of me meanwhile was reluctant to come back from frolicking in the forest, but knowing that I can go back again as soon as the left foot gets its turn I will be off again.

A birthday present from my son and daughter in-law and I for one will definitely want to experience that again and again and ... well I think you get the picture.

Seems to me the perfcet reward for my feet, as just the other day I managed to step into a pot of paint that was loitering with malicious intent.

Just a little shop with a big heart here in Gailliac simply called Feelingly, beautuful  relaxing decor and a cup of Thai green tea with mint to finish, total bliss.
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