Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tweet Treats Recipe Book..... Sharing a Great Giveaway

I am more than happy to share this giveaway blog post from Nettie as it is for a great cause and one person will win a free copy. Easy to enter so pop in and go for it.

Last year I was browsing through my twitter feed when I noticed a call for recipes of 140 characters or less from my Twitter Bestie, Jane Travers. When she told me she hoped to collect enough recipes to publish in a book and that proceeds would go to Medecins Sans Frontieres, I felt a challenge brewing.

I’m not known for my brevity. My current tweet counter sits at over 45,000 and many of my ‘pronouncements’ take more than one tweet, so trying to condense an entire recipe into just 140 characters - less if you included the #TweetTreats hashtag - was a massive challenge. But I had a go and found there were a few I managed to cut down. Soon it became addictive and I was rummaging through my mind and cookbooks looking for suitable candidates.

My daughter Claire saw what I was doing and she contributed a few of her own - I can heartily recommend her flapjack recipe - mmmmm!

As well as collecting recipes I got involved with #TeamTweetTreat, trying to encourage celebrities to contribute to the project and Claire came into her own here. She spent hours tweeting at as many of the famous twitterati as possible and managed to snag quite a few - Casualty actor Tristan Gemmill and TV Chef Gizzy Erskine among the most exciting.

TweetTreats soon became a pasttime we enjoyed together. We sat in the living room, each on her laptop, calling out the names of the celebrities we were trying for and re-tweeting the other’s requests. I have to put my hand up and admit that I think my then 15 year old daughter won the contest and got far more celebrities than me.

Claire is now an accomplished baker and cook. She makes wonderful muffins, cupcakes and bread and does a fabulous pasta with pesto & asparagus and a butternut squash risotto - soooo good. I think it’s more than possible that her interest in all things culinary can be traced back to her involvement in Tweet Treats. She is also very active politically and supports many causes important to her such as Amnesty and Greenpeace. Her involvement in Tweet Treats may be over, but her desire to contribute to make the world a better place isn’t and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

I have been more than pleased to share this experience with my daughter. We are close anyway, but Tweet Treats was a great opportunity for us to work together, having fun and helping a very worthy cause. I shared the experience, but I’m not sharing my Tweet Treats recipe book. She can buy her own.

After all, it is for a good cause.

And here is your own opportunity to snag a Tweet Treats Recipe Book. Simply leave a comment telling me why you’d like to own a copy and the one Jane and I like best wins! Closing date of the competition is 8pm on Saturday October 15th and the winner will be announced on or before noon on Monday 17th October.

My Twitter name is @NettieWriter and my daughter is @ClaireCatrina.

You can find Jane as @JaneTravers.

See the Tweet Treats Book Trailer here

Buy Tweet Treats from Amazon in the UK and the USA and from O'Brien Press.

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