Sunday, October 23, 2011

Suffolk Puffs with Lavender *****Tutorial*****

As I was in the middle of making a hairband with what I call Suffolk Puffs also known as Yo Yo's. I wondered what it would look like if I stuffed them with lavender,best way to find out it is to give it a go, and that's just what I did:) forgive me if you have done this before as I am sure this is not an original idea but thought I would pass it on all the same. I used a bronze silk but you could use almost any cute little scraps you have lying around and these are now hanging in my wardrobe and look pretty good even if I say so myself.  So if your ready, go gather your bits and bobs.

Scrap of material
matching thread
beads or button
little ribbon or cord

Cut out a circle 14cm (5.5") (this will give you 5cm (2") finished size) you can make them any size you want really but I think this is a good size for putting on a hanger.

Fold over edge as you work round the circle and using a  baste stich , try to keep the stitches roughly the same size.

Pull up and gather leaving a gap, add your filling,then pull tight and tie off and it will give  you a lovely little puff ball with lots of folds. Then just add a bead or button and either a little cord or ribbon for hanging and your done. Very simple and makes a great little gift to yourself or friends. Would love to see yours if you make any. Here are the hairbands which started me off.


PoetessWug said...

Very pretty!

Melony Moyse said...

I taught my girl guiding group how to make these headbands a few weeks ago they loved them! But threading 15 needles and un tying knots was a bit of a nightmare. Xxxx

Chrissie Marshall said...

The threading needles is bad enough but how come so many knots?

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