Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amazing what you can do with Paper Napkins..... + Tutorial

I found a tutorial for making Napkins transfers and so collected all the things I needed to get started. It called for  a food wrap which I thought was like cling film so I  thought that would work, wrong as it did not bond to the card. I went to 3 shops and found various types of plastic wrap and guess what none of them worked either. Then I thought of my freezer bags and so I just cut of the bottom and then slit them down the sides and used the side that has no white print on it decided to try that and yay it did. I have now found out that the Americans call it Saran Wrap and I have some coming my way soon. The tutorial (link below post) is very simple to follow and if you  don't have the proper food wrap then a few freezer bags will get you started, so now your your ready to go. My granddaughter Poppy made the Red Rose card and we put some paper inside and then used a hole punch and added ribbon to hold it all together. Fun project

These could be cut in half to make small gift tags

These would look great scattered on tables at a wedding perhaps
My favouruite is this journal cover
I was amazed that it worked on  clothes pegs

This was Poppy's choice of Napkin
Poppy's finished Notebook

Napkin Transfer Tutorial

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