Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chris Brooking.. Firecraft Minatures

Introducing Chris Brooking who lives by the sea situated in the beautiful county of Devon, South West of the UK. 

Everything he makes and sells on Etsy is done as a hobby, he has been making miniatures since he was a young boy and somehow has never stopped. Chris tries to use scrap materials as much as possible mainly to keep his prices at an affordable level and I for one hope he continues making these glorious little miniatures.  Look at the fabulous detail on his items and if you pop over to his shop you will see more. Lovely work Chris pleased I passed by your shop.


Mary Lindsay said...

Wow ! I love all things in miniature and heading over soon to have a longer look his Etsy shop. Thanks Chrissie. xx M

Chrissie Marshall said...

Pleasure Mary just had to share such lovely work.

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