Friday, March 14, 2014

Paper Panda.. Paper Cutting Artist

If you have not yet seen the glorious hand cut paper gifts & creations from  Paper Panda then you are in for a real treat. Louise Firchau who describes herself as "a big ,cuddly, tattooed, jovial lass who loves anything Alice in Wonderland" started Paper Panda in 2010 making typographical lyrical papercuts from recycled paper.
You can read her full story here where she explains where her inspiration came from. Louise has also taught thousands of people to papercut through online groups using a papercutting starter kit. You can also find Paper Panda on FaceBook where she posts daily. I love to read her posts and watch her work in progress, here are just a few examples  but she has many more and each one will bring a smile to your face.

Paper Panda on Twitter

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