Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mod Podge Decoupage and Quality Street

 Myself and two girlfriends spent the afternoon playing with decoupage, and attempting to print onto to tiles, fabric and anything else we could lay our hands on.

 This almost worked but removing all the paper was an issue and it took some of the print with it, still we shall persevere and try again.
 I printed these old postcard prints onto silk, not sure yet what I will be doing with them, although a friend suggested I make a journal cover.. nice idea
 Just for fun we decoupaged a few polystyrene balls and hearts, the pink one was deemed the winner and Carol got an extra dip in the quality street tin :) (they were hers anyway)
 This was a disaster as when I tried to get the paper of it took the print with it grrr but have since found out that if you are using a pva  glue vs Mod Podge you need to make a mixture of 2/3rds pva to 1/3rd water and shake well before use. I have just done another transfer today and will have to wait (this is really hard) 24hrs before I can try and remove the paper.... will let you know how it goes
We had a lovely box of quality street to keep us going. Although we did not quite master the art of transfers we all had a fun afternoon and will be doing it again soon I hope.
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